Post-release on the conference "Business TRIZ Online 2020"

On July 23-24, 2020, the Business TRIZ Online 2020 conference was held - the first conference dedicated to topics of developments and applications of Business TRIZ. Due to travel restrictions, the conference was held online in Russian.

The organizer of the online conference is the International Business TRIZ Association (IBTA) with the support of the International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ), ICG Training & Consulting (Netherlands) and TRIZ Business Association (Russia).

The technology and tools of systemic innovative thinking based on TRIZ - The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving - are being actively implemented in various organizations around the world. Originally developed to support technical innovation and used by many global companies, TRIZ finds application in other areas as well. The term "Business TRIZ" is today used for the methods and tools of TRIZ, created and adapted to support creative innovation in the field of business and management.

Modern TRIZ is not only a theory, it is a large set of practical tools for finding innovative solutions, solving business and management problems, formulating and resolving contradictions that arise in almost any field of activity. That is why all the reports of the online conference “Business TRIZ Online 2020” had a practical orientation and applicability.

The conference was held online (Zoom) - 5 hours a day with a break of 20 minutes.

17 presentations were given, the format of each presentation included 20 minutes of the speaker's work and 10 minutes of answering questions. Presentation titles are available at the link:

Video of all presentations are available online (in Russian)

More than 85 people from 5 countries have registered for the Business TRIZ Online 2020 online conference. 

According to the feedback from the audience, the presentations were very relevant for use in various areas of business.
Videos of presentations will appear soon. 

The organizers of the conference decided to hold the conference “Business TRIZ Online 2021” on 3-4 December 2020 in English. In May 2021, it is planned to hold a bilingual conference dedicated to business TRIZ in St. Petersburg.

A. Kozhemyako
6 August 2020