The International Business TRIZ Association (IBTA) is a non-profit unincorporated network of individuals, teams and organizations dedicated to providing awareness of TRIZ and Systematic Innovation in Business and Management and creating a platform for communication and promoting professional activities as well as to liaise and cooperate with other relevant organisations, associations and institutions at all levels. IBTA was established in December 2019.

Innovation has always been among the most crucial factors driving the progress of human civilization. Today it is clear that business innovation is not less important than technological innovation to survive, develop and successfully compete. Modern business environment is extremely dynamic and fast, information technology and global networking eliminate borders which used to keep businesses in their comfort zones, the market continuously demands better products and services, competition even among small companies moves to a global scale. At the same time there was no solid and proven method that would help with business innovation to create new solutions on demand. In search for a solution, more and more business people turn their attention to TRIZ. TRIZ is a term used for the "Theory of Solving Inventive Problems". It was originated in the middle of the 20th century by Russian inventor Genrich Altshuller and currently is a set of methods and tools which support a process of generating inventive ideas and breakthrough solutions in a systematic and knowledge-based way. Relatively little known before the end of the last century, today TRIZ is recognized globally: more and more companies and organizations worldwide consider TRIZ to be the best practice of innovation.

Although originally TRIZ was created for engineering and technology domains, within last few decades TRIZ developers and practitioners started to expand applications of key TRIZ principles and tools to support problem solving and accelerate innovation in business and management areas. The results appeared to be rather encouraging: a number of seemingly unsolvable business and management problems were solved quite effectively and efficiently. Such situation triggered further development of TRIZ for Business and Management, which has been actively evolving during recent years.

TRIZ-based Systematic Innovation propagates a new way of breakthrough thinking: coming up with successful innovative ideas through eliminating contradictions towards the highest degree of ideality. Instead blind search and jumping to ideas and conclusions, one can thoroughly analyze an innovative problem or challenge, extract contradictions and resolve them in “win-win” way. Understanding mechanisms of systematic evolution of business and management systems can help businesses to identify strategic development based on a scientifically-grounded approach rather than on guesses, trials and errors. This way of thinking will enrich everyone who is willing to to stay at the leading edge of innovation. TRIZ for business and management can be used at both large multinational enterprises and small businesses run by entrepreneurs.


The International Business TRIZ Association intends to fulfill its objectives via:

  • provision and exchange of general information,
  • public relations activities and campaigns,
  • promotion of and support for conferences, events and workshops on relevant topics,
  • promotion of Special Interest Groups focusing on particular topics,
  • promotion of and support for research in relevant issues,
  • contributions to the education and training of people at national and international levels.


Everybody is welcome to become a member of IBTA. The basic membership is free and can be arranged by joining the IBTA through registering as a User at IBTA website. IBTA members can post their announcements and news to general public, communicate with each other, receive news by mail from IBTA, receive discounts for special events, become accredited representatives of IBTA.


Key activities of IBTA are managed by the IBTA Advisory Board which is headed by the President of IBTA.


  • Valeri Souchkov (The Netherlands) 

Current members of the Advisory Board:

  • Andreay Kuryan (Poland)
  • Askar Bapen (Kazakhstan)
  • Han Bing (China)
  • Aleksey Blagikh (Russia)
  • Mike Iarossi (Australia)
  • Michele Renzetti (Italy)
  • PV Narayan (India)
  • Anton Kozhemyako (Russia)
  • Aleksandrs Sidorecs (Switzerland)


  • Russia: Alexey Blagikh 
  • Central Asia and Kazakhstan: Askar Bapen
  • China: Han Bing
  • India: David Isaac



  • Han Bing – Head.
  • Min Yan.
  • Yao Wei.
  • Wang Lixin.
  • Zhang Ting.
  • Dr. Yan Hongbo 


Sposnsorship is open to any organization which is willing to support IBTA and its activities. 

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