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The International TRIZ Summit 2019 which was held on June 13-15 in Minsk, Belarus. Over 150 participants joined the event which was hosted by EPAM and supported by the TRIZ Summit organizers group as well as Minsk TRIZ Club. The first TRIZ Summit was organized 15 years ago with the goal to bring together TRIZ developers and coordinate future development efforts. The audience of TRIZ Summit has been growing since, and this time the Summit went in the format open for all.

For the first time ever the event included a section "TRIZ for Business and Management". Presentations in the section discussed various topics: systematic service innovation, a systematic approach to solve business problems through innovation of business models, FinTech innovation with TRIZ, using Design Thinking in combination with TRIZ, study of client's behavior for innovation, as well as overview of diverse practical cases of business TRIZ applications.

For more information and some photo impressions please check https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/triz-summit-2019-impressions-valeri-souchkov/